In the fourth section of this master´s thesis, the results of the analysis will be presented. This section follows the structure of the macro, meso, and micro levels, and contains the following sections:

  • Macro Level: In the first subsection, the result of the analysis at the macro level will be presented. Here, contents such as the characterization of years, the relationship between them, and the influence of external factors will be studied.

  • Meso Level: In the country level analysis, the focus will lie in the country as the unit of scientific capability. Coverage will start from the capability matrix of a country, and will reach topics such as collaboration, similarity between countries, and the role of the GDP per capita in the national innovation landscape.

  • Micro Level: At the micro level, the results of the application of the meso level methods to organizations will be addressed. With a special focus on the collaboration types of different organizations.

  • Patents and Publications: In the first part of the complementary analysis, results of the comparison between terms used in publications and patents will be shown.

An alternative approach: Finally, as the closing part of the results section, and as validation of the methodology chosen, results of an analysis focusing on term frequency instead for term-pair frequency will be addressed.

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