I would first like to thank my thesis supervisor Pedro Parraguez Ruiz, postdoctoral researcher at the Engineering Systems Division of the Management Engineering department at the Technical University of Denmark. When I first contacted Pedro in December 2017, I had no idea of the great choice I had just made. Throughout the semester he was always available to help me structure my thoughts, to enlighten me about possible research paths, and to discuss the endless possibilities that such research can have. Moreover, his passion for this research field, and his complete availability at all times, made this experience, one of the most fulfilling throughout my academic journey at DTU.

I would also like to thank my main supervisor Prof. Anja Maier, Head of Division at DTU Management Engineering for approving this project, and consequently making it possible to work on a project with Pedro. This allowed me to develop what I strongly believe is my own work.

Moreover, I would also like to thank the Technical University of Denmark. It seems like it was yesterday that I was browsing possible Master Programmes to apply to, since then, not one day has passed where I have regretted to participate in the Engineering Masters degree at DTU. The incredible academic staff, the talented students with which I have interacted, and the out-of-this-world conditions have all contributed equally to prepare me for the future.

Finally, I have to thank my family and my close friends for listening to me geek out about topics that have absolutely nothing to do with their interests but also for endless years of unconditional support in all its dimensions.

This project would not have been possible without any of the above mentioned. Thank you.

Duarte Oliveira e Carmo