Measuring the uniqueness of technological capabilities
A data-driven network exploration
The presentation of this project is now available to download right here!


This project is a master thesis written by Duarte O.Carmo, an Engineering Management Student at the Technical University of Denmark. In summary, the project aims a measuring the technological capabilities (scientific knowledge) of countries, time periods, or organizations with the goal of understanding its intricacies.


The idea for it was born from two other initiatives:
    EURITO: this European Comission Project brings together a consortium of organisations with the goals of utilising new data sources and methods to improve R&I. In summary, the European Comission believes that there is a need to improve Research and Innovation policies and that data science can play an important role in helping them.
    AMICA: AMICA stands for Advanced Mapping of Industrial Capabilities. It aims at mapping worldwide industrial capabilities to support the development of new technologies, products, and services with positive climate change impact. It's first proof of concept uses the development of sustainable biofuels as a case for capability mapping.
It is believed that this MSc. Project will assist push these two initiatives forward by providing a proof of concept on how the data collected can be used to help entities develop better policies.


    Project Responsible: Duarte Ribeiro Oliveira e Carmo About Contact
    Supervisor: Pedro Parraguez Ruiz About Contact
    Supervisor: Anja Maier About Contact
    Institution: Technical University of Denmark About
    Department: DTU Management Engineering About


    Read the full project online here.
    Download and read a pdf version here.
    Browse the GitHub repo to access the research.
    Do not hesitate to contact me about this project by sending me an email.
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